Rebecca M. Eimerman

Attorney Rebecca Eimerman

Rebecca Eimerman earned her undergraduate degree from Purdue University and her law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. She graduated cum laude after serving on the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review. During law school, she worked in Hendricks Superior Court No. 1 as a law clerk for the Honorable Judge Robert W. Freese. Thereafter, her commitment to service in Hendricks County continued where she sat as a Master Commissioner and was an appointed judicial officer for Hendricks Superior Court No. 1. Before establishing Eimerman Law, she worked as an associate attorney for Mitchell and Associates (currently Mitchell Law Group).

Rebecca primarily focuses her practice on family law, general criminal work, bankruptcy and immigration. Her commitment to assisting people during the most difficult times in their lives is what drove her choice to work as a family law attorney and a criminal defense attorney, and is what motivates her to provide the best possible service to her clients. Recently, Rebecca has expanded her practice by completing her training in mediation, parenting coordination, and has recently garnered the title of Certified Family Law Specialist.


While parents have made the decision to no longer be together, they still must work together in co-parenting their children. Sometimes, this can be a tough transition for parents. When making joint decisions for their children, parents can find themselves in situations where making a decision results in conflict and a resolution cannot be reached. As a parenting coordinator, it is their job to help the parents navigate through these conflicts and come to a mutual agreement that represents the best interest of children. Depending upon the needs of the parents, the role of the parenting coordinator can vary from simple monitoring to making recommendations or even make decisions for the parents based upon what the court allows. One of the biggest benefits of a parenting coordinator for the parents is having a third party to reach out to in order to resolve conflict. This can result in less time spent in the court and less time in conflict with the other parent.


A “Guardian ad Litem” (GAL) is an individual appointed by the court to investigate and provide a recommendation to the court in situations of custody and parenting time disputes. The GAL is responsible for providing recommendations to the court concerning such things as where the child(ren) should reside most of the time, whether the child(ren) are being harmed by a parent’s behavior, and what contact the child(ren) should have with a parent. There are several factors that a GAL must take into consideration when making these recommendations to the court. After the GAL has completed their investigation, the GAL will then submit a written report containing the information complied in their investigation to the court of their recommendations which the Judge will take into consideration when issuing their order.